Ubuntu 15.04 with Kodi, Mythtv, and Dual Tuner Hauppage HD-PVR Tuner


This article is a work in progress.  I am storing images here as I document the process that I can link to on the Mythbuntu forums.  Check back later so I can show you how I resolved my issues with this install…

Having recently dropped Dish Network service ($142.xx per month) for a $65 HD Antenna, moved to an internet service with unlimited bandwidth, and added Roku boxes all over the house.  I bought a TCL Roku TV on sale last christmas and it has been pretty nice.  I have also discovered Kodi, and that on a Roku, you can see Kodi with the Roku Media Player and Plex apps.  As such I decided the only thing I was missing was a good off-air DVR system.  We have 59 channels, most of them in HD, and its always better towatch things when you want to watch them than it is to watch them when they come on.

I have swapped out the old 500GB RAID drives on my media center (Ubuntu Studio 14.04 LTS heavily modded…) for the latest version of Ubuntu.  The new drives are 4TB SSHD from NewEgg, and now I have about 12TB of space in LVM.  Since is switched from softraid to LVM I have also added Crashplan to back everything up.  It took a little over a week on Comcast Business Class 75/15 service to upload almost 1TB.  It will take about 30 hours to pull everything back down.  I’m on a 30 day free trial now and am very impressed.  I think I can handle $45 per year for unlimited space. 🙂

Step 1:  Install Ubuntu Desktop

Step 2:  Mythtv Installation:

I installed the “mythbuntu-desktop” package (apt-get install -y mythbuntu-desktop) and it pulled down about 1GB of stuff…

2-a:  Install Capture Card Drivers

2-b:  Setup Capture Cards in Mythtv





Card 1 – Tuner with Schedules DirectProgram Data

Schedules Direct

mythtv-schedules-direct-lineupTuner 0 Settings




Tuner 1 Settings







UPDATE:  I sent the Hauppage cards back, purchased SiliconDust HDHomerun dual tuner units, they were seen by MythTV immediately, and never looked back.  I can now record 4 shows at the same time!

I added Kodi with the MythTV backend plugin but couldn’t figure out how to get it to start on reboot.  Up and running now.  There are some open items though.

  1.  How to ensure services start on boot time? – I write server scripts for a living and couldn’t figure these out. 😉
  2. How to re-encode MPEG2 streams to MPEG4 streams and cut out the commercials for my Rokus to be able to access the content? – I still haven’t been able to get the conversion scripts to work.  None of the examples i have found work, and since I want to do a daily conversion job at somewhere around 3AM, i need a for loop and am having issues getting t to work.

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