30MM Power Pack User Manual

30MM Ammo Can Power Pack

by Spyderdyne 


I am an Iraq War infantry combat veteran.  I make these by hand and each one is unique.  I believe I have created the ultimate portable battery pack/charging station and I am offering an extremely limited quantity of them to the public.  I started making these for friends and family after developing my own prototype and demand has accelerated beyond my ability to keep up, so this opportunity may not come again.  I just so happened to have extra parts lying around after the last batch and thought I would offer them for sale.

This unit is installed with a Li-Po battery pack meant for a racing motorcycle.  They are light, pack a ton of power into a small space, and  can be discharged and recharged tens of thousands of times.

This unit is perfect for hunting, camping, music festivals, or even just hanging out on the beach or by the pool.  Each unit is made from a genuine military surplus 30mm ammo can and built to last for years to come.  The case is water resistant, air tight, and can be used to store your valuables using a padlock (not included.)



Each 30mm kit includes everything seen here, including:

  • AC Charger w/Instruciton Manual
  • Solar Panel w/ Elastic Straps and Suction Cups + Instruction Manual
  • Battery Booster Cable
  • Credit Card Sized Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Battery cable
  • Car Charger
  • 12V adapter




Included Components:


Fused Booster Cable


12V Adapter


AC Battery Charger


Car Charger


Solar Panel


Mini Micro USB Charging Cable


Convenient Latching Storage Area


Entirely Self-Contained and Durable


Charging: Step 1


  1.  To charge the unit indoors, from an AC outlet, first connect the 12V adapter (the one with the led indicator  on the side) to the 12V socket on the ammo can battery pack.  When properly connected it should illuminate to let you know everything is good.
  2. Next, connect the AC battery charger.  The smiley-face indicator on the charger should light up green when it is properly connected.
    3.  Plug the AC charger into any 110V-120V AC electrical outlet to begin charging.  The smiley-face indicator will turn red when the unit is charging, and return to green when the ammo can is fully charged.


    Charging: Step 2

4.  Follow the same process in reverse order to unplug the unit after charging, removing the 12V adapter first.

5.  Follow the same procedure when charging the ammo can using the included solar panel.  The solar panel can be used indoors or outside, but be sure to pay attention to the voltage gauge to ensure that wherever you are, the panel is getting enough light to provide a net voltage gain.  The LED on the side of the 12V adapter draws a small amount of current which can drain the battery pack over a long period of time.

Direct sunlight or bright indoor lighting is recommended but not required to generate a charge.



Car Battery Charger

Charging Automotive Batteries:

Because the included battery charger is is rated at the 12V standard used in many vehicles, you can mate the AC charger with the included battery cables to charge most automotive applications as well.  When charging automotive and other loads please bear the following considerations in mind:

  • The included battery charger is designed for loads similar to a 12V 4 cylinder motorcycle engine.  These engines can be quite large, and the battery pack can provide up to 120 cranking amps of power.  Unfortunately this battery charger was selected for its small size and low cost, so while it can recharge larger electrical systems, it can take longer than a more substantial charger and will not work well with completely dead batteries.
  • Ensure that you check with your load’s owner’s manual and follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer before connecting a charger.
  • Be sure to follow the steps outlined in the Charging section above.  Failure to do so can result in permanent damage to the AC charger and/or cables.
  • The 30mm ammo can battery pack is compatible with automotive grade chargers, but the included cabling was not intended for high amperage use.  Use caution when connecting the components to heavier duty systems/devices.


    Charging Multiple Devices

General Usage Instructions:

USB charing can be performed using the built in USB ports on the faceplate of the ammo can battery pack.  Simply plug in a compatible USB charging cable to the unit and enjoy hours and hours of trouble free charging.  The included ports include:

  • 1 standard 1A charging port
  • 1 standard 2.4A fast charging port

Press the Angel Eye power button on the unit to turn the USB charging ports on.  The 12V socket is always on to allow

Additional charging sockets or external 12V devices can be added to increase the number of components that can be charged at once.  Take care to chain external devices in parallel and not in series.  Series electrical chaining can result in undesirable operation or damage to the unit or connected devices.


Wallet Sized Micro-USB Cable

As an added bonus, a wallet sized USB charing cable has been included with your kit.  To use the cable, remove the micro-usb adapter cover, gently press the standard USB plug from the center of the card, unroll the cable, and charge.  I keep one of these in my wallet so I am never without a cable.  Very handy.  I hope you think so too.


Additional Uses:

You can use the included solar panel to charge or boost batteries.  This takes a long time, but is a handy way to keep a battery topped off on vehicles that you do not use often, or to restore some charge to a dead battery if you need to leave the vehicle and come back to it later.


Solar Battery Charger

You can connect the solar panel to the battery cables to charge batteries directly.


Window Mounted Solar Panel

You can also use the included suction cups for the solar panel to attach it to a window or other smooth surface.  The solar panel can be used with either the ammo can directly, the car adapter to charge the vehicle battery using a cigarette lighter, of with the battery cables and mentioned above.


Visor Straps with Car Charger

The solar panel can be attached to an automotive visor using the attached nylon straps to catch sunlight that comes in through the windshield as well.


Using as a Battery Booster:

In extreme circumstances, the 30mm Ammo Can battery pack can be used as a battery booster.  Units that perform this task often sell for around $80 and come with heavier cables.  Because this unit can provide up to 120 cranking amps, I have included a battery booster cable.  In extreme circumstances this may start a car with a dead battery, but it is recommended that the user provide heavier cables for repeated use in this manner.  Using the booster cable to “boost” a dead battery is possible depending on the situation, but this device was not meant to start a vehicle by itself.



I use my prototype all over the house for all kinds of things and it has never let me down.  I have dropped it, gotten it wet, and just generally abused it but it doesn’t seem to care.  I often plug my phone and a bluetooth speaker into it and charge it in the sun while working outside or on my car and have been surprised with how long the battery lasts.  Mine has a $25 battery.  This one has a $100 battery.  I am sure yours is better, and I know it is prettier.


30mm Ammo Can Battery Pack Prototype – 2016

You can find updates to the users manual here at http://spyderdyne.com/?=294

I will update as needed and provide clarifications if anyone needs them there.

Thanks for your support.


Current version of the manual:


30mm power ban user manual

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