2006 GMC Envoy Denali LED Conversion


Converting to LED lights looks great and in many cases keeps you from ever having to replace a bulb ever again.  Here is how we converted our 2006 GMC Yukon Denali.

But Wait!  This is Important!!!

You need a “Flasher Relay Module” to ride this ride.  Otherwise your lights will act crazy, and your turn signals will flash double speed.  This vehicle was produced before LED lighting was available, and it expects a certain amount of current draw from the light bulbs or it thinks that they are burned out/missing.  We used this one:

Novita LM486

Note:  With the exception of the stop lights as noted below, all exterior signal lights on this vehicle use the standard non-CK wedge light socket as defined here.


Here are what these look like when everything is switched over.


  • Low Beam, need link…
  • High Beam, need link…

This video shows the difference between the stock headlights (left) and the new ones (right).


Here is the rear of the vehicle after converting everything.


A detailed view of the rear light cluster with the correct bulbs installed.


(add interior image)

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