Thermaltake Riing 12 LED/Fan Controller Mod

I received one of these as a leftover from my buddy Shawn’s liquid cooled desktop build.  I immediately had issues with it, as my project does not have a motherboard.  In my first attempt I fried the controller by reversing the positive and tachometer leeds.

Thermaltake’s forums were less than helpful.

Here is what you need to know about setting these up/modifying the controllers to work w/o a motherboard header to connect to:

Here is a shady image of the TT controller side of the connector in the correct format.


pin 1 = ground (long white stripes)

pin 2 = +12V (no markings)

This image is upside down so you can see the pins.  You can also see that I cut off the 5th pin on the now RGB connectors.  Once I have the LED controller I will adjust the remaining pins and feed it a ground where the +12V fan power used to be before I cut it off.  The remaining LED 4-pin connector is shown on the right.

Here you can see where the controller board is actually labeled underneath the header shield.  If I had know to do this first I would not have fried a controller.  TT’s forums are also not trying to tell you this info which is why I got involved.

Pictured here is the fan header without its shield installed, just because.

Here is the underside of the board where the pinout is clearly visible.  I incorrectly traced the fan pins backwards to the mobo control pins leading to my frying the first controller.

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